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Since the first case of Coronavirus was identified, people have been spreading dangerous myths and misinformation everywhere. Here are a few more myths that the World Health Organization has busted and provided an explanation.

Myth 1:

‘The virus doesn’t survive in hot and humid weather ‘

FACT: The virus can be transmitted in any weather from human to human.

Myth 2:

‘You can catch the virus through mosquito bites’

FACT: There is no evidence to suggest it can be transmitted through mosquito bites.

It spreads only in respiratory droplets.

Myth 3:

‘A pneumonia vaccine provides protection’

FACT: Coronavirus needs its own vaccine, and scientists are working to find one.

Myth 4:

‘Antibiotics are an effective treatment’

FACT: Antibiotics only work on bacteria not viruses

Myth 5:

‘Only old people are at risk’

FACT:  Anyone can catch it.

People with conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease seem more vulnerable to getting severely ill.